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Stichting MommaLuv

Mandy Ladan
Founder MommaLuv

Anjelierstraat 45
2565 SX Den Haag

kvk-nummer: 54605628

IBAN: NL17 INGB 0006 0801 59
t.a.v. Stichting MommaLuv te Den Haag

Stichting MommaLuv is per 14 augustus 2019 aangemerkt als ANBI

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  • Will my personal details also show on the website or social media of MommaLuv?

    No. We post photos of the mothers in Africa on the MommaLuv website and on social media along with the first names of the Moms they are connected to through the Baby Project. The decision to have your name included, however, is yours alone. Please let us know what you are comfortable with.

  • I am not pregnant but would like to support the MommaLuv Baby Project. Is this possible?

    Yes! You can make a donation by purchasing a product in the MommaLuv Shop. If you would like to raise money for MommaLuv at an event or start a partnership with us, please get in touch!

  • What do the organizational costs consist of?

    MommaLuv deducts 20% from donations and puts it toward covering VAT, transaction costs, and the travel costs of our local contacts. We also use some of this amount for web development, marketing, and promotional materials. *The MommaLuv Baby Project is a nonprofit ANBI foundation.