How does MommaLuv work?

How does MommaLuv work?

How does MommaLuv work?

This is the MommaLuv Baby Project

Overloaded with onesies. Overrun by stuffed animals. As a new Mom, you get so many maternity gifts. How about sharing some of this love with another Mom who could really use it. Before your baby’s due date, MommaLuv connects you to a Mom-to-be in Africa who is due to give birth around the same time as you. Thanks to you, this Mom-to-be will receive a baby package from you and your baby with everything she and her baby will need for a safe and healthy start to life together. This may be the most meaningful maternity gift there is.

This is the MommaLuv Baby Project

3 reasons to join in the MommaLuv Baby Project:

  • You are committed to the health of newborns and new mothers.
  • You are moved to share some of what you have been given.
  • You understand the importance of intergenerational compassion.

This is how the MommaLuv Baby Project works:

  1. 1 We usually start with expectant Moms who are six to seven months along. If this is you, please fill in the form below. We will get started looking for a mom-to-be in Africa who is due around the same time you are.
  2. 2 Once we find a Mom-to-be in Africa, we will send you a link to your personal webpage. Here you can read all about the mom-to-be you are connected with. This is also the webpage where your family and friends can donate maternity gifts.
  3. 3 We will also send you a MommaLuv Baby Project inlay for your baby’s birth announcement.
  4. 4 Whenever someone makes a donation on behalf of you and your baby, you will receive a notification by email so you know who to thank!
  5. 5 If you have received more than €85,-, we will support extra mom-to-be’s.
  6. 6 Your donation will be sent to our contact person in the country where the mom-to-be you are connected with lives. Our contact person will then buy the newborn essentials from local businesses, thereby supporting the growth of small businesses and their communities. *To make this possible, MommaLuv charges a 20% organizational cost.
  7. 7 Finally, you will receive photos of the new mom and her newborn, which we encourage you to share with everyone who has been involved in your MommaLuv Baby Project. After this, you will receive a monthly overview email- as long as your participation takes- of all extra mothers that MommaLuv was able to support that month with a package.

Join the MommaLuv Baby Project

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

Bedankt voor je aanmelding!

We zullen zo snel mogelijk contact met je opnemen via de mail.


  • Will my personal details also show on the website or social media of MommaLuv?

    No. We post photos of the mothers in Africa on the MommaLuv website and on social media along with the first names of the moms they are connected to through the Baby Project. The decision to have your name included, however, is yours alone. Please let us know what you are comfortable with.

  • I am not pregnant but would like to support the MommaLuv. Is this possible?

    Yes! You can make a donation by purchasing a product in the MommaLuv Shop. If you would like to raise money for MommaLuv at an event or start a partnership with us, please get in touch!

  • Is it possible to keep in touch with the mom I have connected with?

    This is something we cannot guarantee. Many of the African mothers who have been part of the MommaLuv Baby Project are semi-nomadic and live in areas with limited internet access and irregular postal services.

  • What do the organizational costs consist of?

    MommaLuv deducts 20% from donations and puts it toward covering VAT, transaction costs, and the travel costs of our local contacts. We also use some of this amount for web development, marketing, and promotional materials. MommaLuv is a nonprofit ANBI foundation.

“It’s great that you get to see photos of the pregnant mothers and afterwards of the newly born babies. The fact that you can see which products they buy locally with the donated money and which mom receives the package, that makes you feel really involved.”

“Mandy’s enthusiasm is very contagious. I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who, like me, becomes ‘dizzy’ with the thought of even more baby products with the maternity visits, to participate.”

“When I was pregnant with Beer, our third child, I came across MommaLuv through social media and I was a fan immediately. I always have been very aware of our welfare and especially with something pure and vulnerable as having a child, it is so wonderful to be able to help other mothers in other parts of the world.”

“When I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, I was often asked if we still had wishes for gifts. But what do you want if you already have everything, or have the luxury that you can buy it yourself if necessary? Via social media I came across MommaLuv and I was enthusiastic immediately. What a fantastic foundation Mandy and her team have created. It is very nice to be able to support other mothers and children in this way and to be able to tell this to our own daughters in the future.”

A while ago one of my friends joined this wonderful initiave, and I knew that if we had another child in the future, we would participate in this! To us it feels like a small gesture, but we see something beautiful in return. We have so much, and the mothers in this project have very different worries than picking out nice clothes. They desperately need the basics.