Avoid receiving unnecessary maternity gifts and give a baby in a developing country a better start

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You can be of great importance to a mother and baby in a developing country

MommaLuv Baby Project

MommaLuv links pregnant women in the Netherlands to pregnant women in developing countries. After the birth of the baby, the parents do not receive maternity presents, but a donation for the mother and baby in Africa.

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MommaLuv Birth Project

As a mom-to-be in the Netherlands, you can easily order a medical maternity package with all the necessities for your delivery. A similar package can literally mean the all difference between life and death in Africa. For only 20 euros you can donate a medical maternity package to an expectant mother.

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MommaLuv Shop

Even if you are not expecting, you can of course give a gift to a mother and baby in a developing country. A gift that really contributes to the health and a better start for the baby.

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About MommaLuv

Imagine you are focusing on sustainability in several ‘segments of your life’. You eat consciously, you split waste and try to consume as little as possible. And then … you get pregnant. The moment when your friends and family go all out, when it comes to baby shopping. Your house becomes full, you discover that you actually have everything before you baby is even born. And realize that mothers in developing countries are just as looking forward to the arrival of their baby, but at the same time they worry about the baby: can they provide for the basic needs?

About us

About MommaLuv

“It’s great that you get to see photos of the pregnant mothers and afterwards of the newly born babies. The fact that you can see which products they buy locally with the donated money and which mom receives the package, that makes you feel really involved.”

“Mandy’s enthusiasm is very contagious. I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who, like me, becomes ‘dizzy’ with the thought of even more baby products with the maternity visits, to participate.”

“When I was pregnant with Beer, our third child, I came across MommaLuv through social media and I was a fan immediately. I always have been very aware of our welfare and especially with something pure and vulnerable as having a child, it is so wonderful to be able to help other mothers in other parts of the world.”

“When I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, I was often asked if we still had wishes for gifts. But what do you want if you already have everything, or have the luxury that you can buy it yourself if necessary? Via social media I came across MommaLuv and I was enthusiastic immediately. What a fantastic foundation Mandy and her team have created. It is very nice to be able to support other mothers and children in this way and to be able to tell this to our own daughters in the future.”

A while ago one of my friends joined this wonderful initiave, and I knew that if we had another child in the future, we would participate in this! To us it feels like a small gesture, but we see something beautiful in return. We have so much, and the mothers in this project have very different worries than picking out nice clothes. They desperately need the basics.