MommaLuv Birth Project

Safely bring a child into the world, wherever in the world you are

The MommaLuv Birth Project is the expression of our commitment to ensuring safe childbirths and healthy newborns and mothers.

Join the MommaLuv Birth Project

Moms-to-be in the Netherlands can order and have delivered to them everything they need to care for their newborns and themselves. The work of the MommaLuv Birth Project is to make this level of care available to expectant mothers in underserved communities in Africa. Your donation of €20 ensures that a mom-to-be and her newborn have everything they need for a healthy birth.

Local Luv

MommaLuv puts together these safe birth kits with the support of local businesses and service providers.

To get involved:

1. Enter your name and email address
2. Go to checkout to make your €20 donation
3. Then open your thank you email from us to meet some of the women the MommaLuv Birth Project supports

MommaLuv Birth Project

Yes! I would like to make a €20 donation to the MommaLuv Birth Project and a safe birth kit for a mom-to-be in Africa!

Natalis supports the MommaLuv Birth Project.

More MommaLuv?
MommaLuv has created a wonderful way to share in the excitement of being a mom-to-be. Before your baby is born, MommaLuv connects you to a mom-to-be in Africa whose due date is around the same time as yours. Through this mom-to-mom connection, you can share gifts from your baby shower or a monetary gift to ensure that a newborn in Africa has a healthy start.

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